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Vihaan Natural Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. is committed to bring together nature and technology to provide natural and nutritious products of the highest quality, in easy-to-consume forms to the discerning, health conscious and fast-paced consumer of today.
  Our mission is also to reach out to the less privileged and educate and help them in meeting their daily nutrition needs and work at preventing deaths from malnutrition.

This Company is the dream and passion of Priyaa J Parab who has 15 years of management experience in a wide spectrum of industries ranging from multinationals to large Indian conglomerates.
  Our Director Mrs. Prabha Shah has spent over 40 years in social welfare and is the guiding and leading spirit behind the Corporate Social Responsibility mission of our Company.
All our products are manufactured using state-of-the-art machineries with minimum human intervention. We follow GMP and have benchmarked high levels of quality standards for ourselves. The Standard operating procedure is strictly followed under the vigilant supervision of expert professionals having over 35 years experience in production.
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