About Us

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Our world faces complex problems that require a paradigm shift in mind-set and action. There is a critical need to broad base participation and contribution if we are to accelerate the pace of development and “leave no one behind”. New age solutions will be compelled to be future-ready and hence, consider eco-system wide consequences while being contextualised to local requirements. This approach calls for “everyone in” and action at three layers in society to create long term systemic change.

Idobro’s end-to-end approach seeks to overcome systemic barriers, provide market-based solutions and forge alliances driven by shared values and activated at 3 levels in the eco-system:

Idobro has executed projects in 7 countries and 24 states of India impacting over 8,000,000 individuals, 250000 students, 175000 corporate employees, 1000+ Entrepreneurs and 500+ Institutions and organisations.

Some key stakeholder engagement and partnership milestones are:

  • 13 years of acceleration experience, customised & field tested tools 
  • Strong diversity and inclusion commitment with team members who are Acid-attack survivor, Tuberculosis survivor, TB and cancer patients, single moms and divorcees, women with physical and mental disabilities, young students and late learners, young brides, minorities and senior citizens. All with their own special needs and criteria for a safe space and income.
  • Established network of 5000+ entrepreneurs and 1000 entrepreneurs supported directly
  • Over 250 Lakh INR sales generated through Corporate exhibitions and bulk sales for Women, Social and Green enterprises (WSGEs)
  • Sensitized over 175,000 employees through social and sustainability tours and community engagement programs
  • RISE Citizenship program with 250,000 students from 500+ schools and colleges and trained over 200 teachers and student teachers on the same who in turn have implemented it in their institutions
  • Development programs, Corporate CSR and Monitoring & Evaluation projects impacting over 1,600,000 individuals of which 75% are women
  • Convened the flagship RISE World Summit for the 10th consecutive year in 2023 with over 10000+ global participants engaged online and offline from 70 countries in 100 sessions (70 online, 30 offline) facilitated by 200+ experts from 30 countries over the course of 4 days and with support from 118 global partners. Also, it was a carbon neutral event with 99000 Kgs of Carbon Offset by our partner.
  • Executed over 2000 event days across the world, including Nobel Prize Teachers Summit (India Hub), Sandvik India Gender Awards, World Bank India Development Marketplace, Marico India Innovation Awards, Glenmark Communication Catalyst and Meri Poustik Rasoi, USAID Health Confluence, MBPH and IHBP, International Conference on Combating Poverty, Good Pitch2 India, Asia Pacific Housing Forum, Maha Infra Summit, Evaluation Conclave and more. 
  • Organised multiple “Mentee and Alumni conversations” for the Cherie Blair Foundation for Women, UK and the Swedish Institute, Sweden. 
  • Idobro and RISE Infinity Foundation reached half a million people within the first four months and provided support across 38 cities in India to the most vulnerable groups to alleviate the distress caused by the pandemic.

In the past 12 years, Idobro has established itself as a resource centre for Research, Implementation, Stakeholder Relations and Evaluation. We apply the critical lens of Gender, Innovation, Finance and Technology (GIFT), for deeper insights into diversity, inclusion and sustainability issues.
Our annual RISE Summit provides thought leadership to foster dialogue, build capabilities and facilitate collaborations for integrated development. The RISE Infinity Foundations (RIF) established in 2014, strengthens individuals and institutions for positive action and collective impact on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

With a footprint in 7 countries and 24 states of India, our local and global experience in urban and rural settings, with online and offline tools for corporate and non-profit, government and academic initiatives has co-created a 360o knowledge platform.

This has advanced advocacy, engagement and collaboration with long term outcomes and value to our communities, enterprise members, partners and associates reaching out to over a million lives.