Dhan Gyan

DhanGyan is a comprehensive online financial literacy course started in FY 2015 by Tata Capital and the Centre for Environmental Research and Education (CERE).

This course is free and can be accessed from a laptop, desktop, tablet, or from a smartphone with an active connection to the internet. It is available both in Hindi and English, for the user to be able to decide on their own how do they want to pursue it. Financial concepts are explained using simple stories, interactive games, and exercises to keep the learner engaged for the duration of the course.

There are a total of 9 chapters in this course, covering the basics of money, budgeting, investments, banking, stock market, mutual fund, insurance and retirement planning. The module provides comprehensive coverage of the NFLAT (National Financial Literacy Awareness Test, organised by the Govt of India) syllabus and goes beyond to also provide real-world financial skills. On completing our course, learners will be ready for the NFLAT exam.

Total users: (April 2022)

About this course:

  1. This course is free and will always be free.
  2. You can access this course from internet and from laptop, desktop, tablet or from smart phones.
  3. The course is available both in Hindi and English language.
  4. There are no passwords required for getting access to the course. Just register using your basic details and get your roll number. This roll number can be used to login to access the course
  5. The course explains financial concepts using simple stories, interactive games and exercises
  6. There are total 9 chapters in this course, covering basics of : money, budgeting, investments, banking, stock market, mutual fund, insurance and retirement planning
  7. You must take the course in sequence (i.e. starting from Module-1). Each module will take approximately 45 minutes to complete.
  8. You can pause and exit the course anytime. The next time you log-in, the course will automatically start from the point where you have left last time
  9. After you complete all the 9 modules, there will be an end of course assessment. If you score more than 50% in the end of course assessment, you will receive a digital accomplishment certificate

The course covers the following areas:  

  1. SMART Financial Goals: This chapter discusses how to set and achieve financial goals in life
  2. Budgeting: This chapter discusses how to properly plan income and expenditures to achieve financial goals
  3. Insurance: This chapter discusses what is an insurance, need of an insurance, various types of insurances, and how to select an insurance
  4. Investments: This chapter discusses how to grow your money, importance of investment, basic concepts of inflation, time value of money, simple interest and compound interest
  5. Banking: This chapter discusses the basics of banking, ATM, Cheque book, Demand Draft, different types of bank account, and how to open a bank account
  6. Borrowing: This chapter discusses what is a loan, different features of a loan, good loan vs. bad loan, and things one need to know before taking a loan
  7. Stock Market: This chapter discusses basics of stocks, bonds, debentures, how stock market works, important terms related to stocks and stock markets, and things to know before investing in stock market
  8. Investment Options: This chapter discusses about what is Mutual Fund and how it works, different types of mutual fund, how to invest in a mutual fund, things to know while investing in mutual fund
  9. Retirement: This chapter discusses about retirement planning, and how to achieve a financially worry free retirement life


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Session on “Empowering women through Financial Literacy” conducted by Idobro, TATA Capital, Dhan Gyan and Society for Social Empowerment and collaboration with Institute of Distance and Open Learning (IDOL) and Kalina Campus, Mumbai University, on occasion of Women’s Day. #IWD22

Dhan Gyan was introduced to visually challenged people at Mobility workshop arranged by Rotary club, Thane East, With Swagat Thorat.
On the occasion of National Day Teach Children How to save money, we conducted an event with a small community at Bansa, Uttar Pradesh, with the help of Bansa Library. Children were introduced to the Dhan gyan Platform with the help of many activities.
A session on Dhan Gyan was conducted at Balmanadnvan Nisargshala, Jamshet, Dahanu- Palghar. 62 kids were present and the student engagement was one of the highlights of this session.
Second workshop was conducted with Visually Challenged Students at Sarathi, by Rotary club Thane East. In first workshop the Dhan gyan was introduced to them but this time we tested the Dhan Gyan interface with them and they were effectively able to operate the website.
Workshop was conducted at Navbharat High school, Bhoiwada. 50 students were present at the workshop and they were made aware of the importance of financial literacy and how the platform like dhan gyan can help them in gaining the practical knowledge of financial literacy.
Two Workshops were conducted at V K Krishna Menon College of commerce and Economics and Sharad Shankar Dighe College of science at Bhandup. 500 students were present and they were introduced to dhan gyan portal and NFLAT.