Entrepreneurship program for differently abled

“An estimated 2.1 percent i.e 26 million people of the Indian population has a disability.”

There are a total 21 types of disabilities that are acknowledged by the government constituting locomotor disability, mental illness and multiple disabilities. Due to general lack of awareness on disability inclusion a substantial number of the workforce of the country are excluded from the employment market and economic landscape.

While these disabilities hamper the day to day functioning of the PWD’s, yet there are many success stories of PWD entrepreneurs in the Indian ecosystem. Self employment through entrepreneurial endeavors is an effective way to introduce people with disabilities to livelihood opportunities to make them self-reliant and part of the workforce.

Idobro together with Chevening Alumni is coming up with an entrepreneurship program for people with disabilities (PWD’s) to make them part of the Indian startup ecosystem. The pilot program will support 75 PWDs across Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore with entrepreneurial aspirations by giving visibility, trainings and mentorship to help them achieve their entrepreneurial goals.

Who is this program for?

This program is for 

  • Persons with disabilities that allows online learnings
  • Access to laptop & internet connection
  • Existing business at an early stage 
  • Looking for support to professionalize their business and access new markets for growth

Criteria for selection:-

  1. Disability certificate 
  2. PAN Card
  3. Existing business – product or service
  4. Comfortable with English
  5. Laptop and internet connection

Program Timeline

What will the participant get?

  1. 12 hours online training program on business skills like product development, marketing, sales and financial management.
  2. Access to new markets through exhibitions and online platform for product sales
  3. Mentorship from Chevening alumni  who are senior professionals from diverse sector
  4. Ample opportunities to get visibility through online channels and offline events 
  5. Handholding support from Idobro programs team
  6. Supportive environment with peer group to learn from.

Not a PWD entrepreneur, but interested in collaborating? Join the program as a partner to get

  • Get visibility as a partner 
  • Opportunities for your beneficiaries will get the support needed through the training, market accessibility and mentorship.

For more details, please get in touch with : Hema Ganachari at hema.ganachari@idobro.com

The program will culminate with a closing ceremony, with PWDs, their mentors and staff of FCDO to exemplify PWD’s success in their entrepreneurial ambitions with the right support system.