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The Glenmark Nutrition Awards

Glenmark Foundation was among the first to come forward to support the most vulnerable be it those in need or those at the frontline. With a focus on malnutrition and hunger which rose like a plague during the pandemic of Covid-19; the organization decided to focus on creating a platform to recognize all organizations and individuals who fought to beat the hunger pandemic in the country.


The Glenmark Nutrition Awards was designed to strengthen the eco- system, specifically the non-profit sector to fight the scourge of hunger and support healthy mothers and children.


The awards programme stood as an innovative mechanism as a call to all the hunger warriors and bring about recognition true to their efforts and perseverance. The awards were conducted in partnership with the UN World Food Programme as Knowledge Partners and Idobro Impact Solutions as Process Partners.

The awards were designed with 3 different rounds, namely 

1. Entry Round, Round : Selection Committee, Round
2. Final Round : Jury Committee

Categories For Entries: Urban NGO’s, Rural NGO’s & Open (Individuals, CBOs, Voluntary Groups etc.)

Criterions: Inspirational, Innovation, Impact, Collaboration

The winners were duly announced during the finale of The RISE World Summit on 29th Jan,2021 in the presence of attendees from across the world. Ms.Cheryl Pinto- Executive Director, Corporate Servcies,Glenmark Pharmaceuticals introduced the awards followed by each of the Jury Member sharing their experience in the awards and awarding the winners.

The awards programme were witnessed by renowned personalities such as Mr.Bishow Parajuli- Country Representative and Director UN World Food Programme, and Mr.Philip Kotler- Author, Distinguised Prof. The Kellogg School of Management, Mr. Yosef Abramowitz, CEO – Energyia, who was nominated thrice for the Nobel Prize. A special message by Mr. Amitabh Kant- CEO NITI Aayog acknowledging Glenmark and the awards was also presented.


Jury were responsible for evaluating top 9 candidates basis a presentation on their work on the same 4 criterions mentioned above.

Grand Jury Members Were:

  1. Satish Agnihotri-Head (CTARA) IIT-B, Mumbai
  2. R.Hemalatha- Director-ICMR
  3. Vedeika Shekhar- Associate NITI Ayog
  4. Neeraj Jain- Director- PATH India

Meri Poushtik Rasoi 2018, 2019 & 2020

‘Bache na rahe Kuposhit, jab khana bane poshtik’


With 2 successful editions and 1 edition on hold due to the pandemic, the Meri Poushtik Rasoi a nutrition based contest by Glenmark Foundation is a nationwide recipe contest held with the objective of creating a repository of indigenous food and nutrition knowledge that can help address malnutrition in India.


The contest invites participants across India to submit their traditional and nutritious recipes via an online form. Finalists are selected by a jury of culinary experts based on criteria, defined below. The selected finalists will be invited to Mumbai to participate in a live cook-off round and stand to win big cash prizes!


The objective of this pan-India contest is to crowdsource, document, and collate traditional knowledge of nutrition-rich foods from Indian home kitchens, which could be used to tackle malnutrition at local, grassroots levels, both in urban and rural areas of the country.


This multi-stakeholder initiative has two key objectives. The first is to create a repository of indigenous, locally relevant, nutritious recipes, and the second is to sensitize those in the field of nutrition about the seriousness of the issue of malnutrition in both urban and rural settings.


Meri Poushtik Rasoi was created in 2018 by Rushina Munshaw Ghildiyal, founder of A Perfect Bite Consulting, and Karon Shaiva, founder of Idobro Impact Solutions. This initiative is powered by Idobro, and Glenmark Foundation.

Participants are encouraged to submit recipes for food and drink that are part of family or community kitchens, which have been known to promote good health, or promote good health.


These could include recipes that have ingredients that are traditionally considered highly nutritious such as millets like ragichaulai, native rice varieties or unpolished grains; local seeds like sesame, alsi, or sabza; vegetables like moringa, colocasia leaves or bathua; locally used ingredients that might not be used in mainstream cooking beyond their local region such as the bhatt dal of Kumaon, sundakkai of Tamil Nadu, lesser known ingredients like the mahua and other forest foods from tribal belts that local tribes value for their nutritional properties. This content is hugely popular with 1000+ entries received from all states of India.

About Glenmark Foundation


Instituted around the theme of ‘Healthier Children, Healthier World’, Glenmark Foundation, the CSR arm of Glenmark Pharmaceuticals, is actively working towards improving child health and reducing Infant/Child Mortality.


Through the foundation’s various interventions launched along with their NGO partners, they aim at encouraging positive health-seeking behaviour among pregnant women and mothers with infants, and caregivers towards right nutrition including – good hygiene practices and ensuring complete immunization for children. We have been able to positively impact over 6,18,617 lives through our various child health initiatives over the years.