GOTO Meetings

The GOTO meeting provides a unique LIVE Opportunity mapping by sharing challenges, identifying capabilities, and exploring collaborations.

It is a unique opportunity to network with domain experts, thought leaders, on-ground project leads, and inspiring individuals from across the country and even overseas. Opening up multiple avenues for collaboration, ideation, and mutual implementation, with carefully curated and moderated sessions. Based on the RISE Breakthrough Interaction methodology and is quite organic in nature that allows for the experts and participants to bring to the front their own challenges and then explore solutions and interventions. We use the GIFT lens of Gender, Innovation, Finance and Technology to influence policy and decision-makers, advocates and practitioners. Hence it is partially structured but it is also open to perspectives of diverse stakeholders to potentially lead to radical ideas, opportunities and new alliances. These could be used for projects and relief efforts by social enterprises, NGOs, and allied organizations. The nature of discussion being purely learning-centric with “every attendee being a speaker” and “every situation a learning experience”.

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