Karon Shaiva Summary

I admire people with Laser focus … I just never have been one! 7 industries and multiple qualifications later, I finally got my head and heart to work together. Passionate about Human rights and social justice, Seeker of peace and Obsessor of systems and innovation, I quit as Head of BD for an American organisation in India. Started Idobro, a sustainable social enterprise model to measure and multiply the impact of women, social and green initiatives through markets, capacity, linkages and solutions.


A part-time academician, I had worked on different models to create greater social impact. Some of them were theoretical and some we made work … awarded the “Most Inspiring Social enterprise Plan” at the hands of Dr.(late) C. K. Prahlad at The Pan IIT Global Conference, won Zeal 09 – The Entrepreneurial Showcase, awarded “Best Partner (Non-Corporate Category) by AIESEC Mumbai and was featured on the Lufthansa “Pioneering Spirit – Pioneers of tomorrow”? among others.


I truly believe that each one of us, to a degree, are Responsible, Inclusive, Sustainable and Eco-friendly. When we “share” these “values”? we can “RISE”? and work together for a better world and a greener planet – the best shared value that can be created!!

Started the RISE Infinity Foundation whose mission is to strengthen communities for hyperlocal solutions. Our annual RISE Summit is one of the most innovative conferences you will EVER attend (don’t believe – lets discuss!). It provides thought leadership to build georgraphic-multi-stakeholder partnerships among our constituents, that will help scale, spread and sustain transformations.


Previously wrote a column “An EmpAowered World”? and edited the page “Impact Shopping” for the Afternoon Despatch & Courier. Enjoy writing, speaking, mentoring, training and operationalising ideas especially on women, youth and social entrepreneurship…


An avid traveler, I need no persuasion to take a detour every now and then to explore and absorb!

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