Key Projects – Partnership

Sandvik India Diversity Awards

The Sandvik India Diversity Awards was launched in March 2016 with a focus on exemplary leadership in promoting diversity & inclusion particularly in Maharashtra across multiple social areas. Idobro partnered with Sandvik Asia Pvt. Ltd. over two consecutive years in designing, and end to end implementation including organising the mentors, identification of jury and creating the social media platform. The process consisted of three rounds of selection followed by a mentoring program. Senior professionals from the sector were mapped with relevant participants to mentor them in creating their pitch & strategy for the final round of selection.

Glenmark Foundation - Communication Catalyst

Idobro in partnership with Glenmark Foundation designed the Communication Catalyst to bring together the creativity & enthusiasm of students & resource starved NGO’s. The aim was to bring a change in the complex issue of malnutrition in low-income households through innovative strategies. Beginning as a pilot in Mumbai in 2016, the Behaviour Change Communication competition has now expanded to a nation-wide competition which offers a mentorship program to 10 selected teams annually.

Yes Bank – I am the change Program

Idobro partnered with Yes Bank Foundation over two consecutive years as an outreach and implementing partner to organise workshops across multiple metro cities for the “Yes I am the Change program”. Idobro managed the end to end arrangements for the workshops including the venue, facilitator, the outreach and registrations for the program to make sure the workshops were well facilitated and attended. Over the course of the workshops Idobro managed to get over 560 people for the workshops.

COE SA – Evaluation Conclave, Nepal

The Community of Evaluators in collaboration with Community of Evaluators Nepal, organised the Second Evaluation Conclave from 26th February to 1st March 2013 in Kathmandu, Nepal. The objective of the conclave was to bring together thinkers, commissioners & practitioners of evaluation in an interactive forum to discuss, deliberate and share advancements in the theory and practice of evaluation. This was the first international program in which Idobro was responsible for End–to- End Event Process, Design & Execution, including ticketing to tourism for delegates across countries.

Glenmark Foundations – Meri Poushtik Rasoi

Keeping Glenmark Foundation’s key focus being malnutrition, one of the major causes of child deaths in India, Idobro designed “The Meri Poushtik Rasoi cooking competition” aimed at discovering traditional, rich, indigenous recipes from across India, with the objective of sharing it with NGOs and other stakeholders working in the space of malnutrition. The recipes were shortlisted and the final cook off was conducted in Mumbai on the lines of Master Chef, with professional cooks as the judges. The first edition saw the participation of over 500 recipes from across all the states in the country, while the second edition had over 700 persons competing.

Trent Limited – NGO Due Diligence

Trent Limited financially supports NGO projects in areas of Child Education & Nutrition across India a Star & Diya initiative in Westside stores. This programme enables customers to participate in ‘giving’ by lighting a diya during Diwali, or putting up a star on the Christmas tree during Christmas; the proceeds are routed to selected NGOs. Idobro partnered with Trent over three consecutive years for the process of identification, due diligence and evaluation of such NGO’s across multiple locations in India.

Tata Capital – Impact Assessment

Tata Capital partnered with Idobro to undertake a Impact Assessment of the Education & Health Program spread across 6 sick tea gardens to derive learnings to further scale it up. Idobro interacted with the local beneficiaries using PRA techniques as well as key stakeholders to understand the ground reality. The study helped understand the direct & indirect impact the program was having on the beneficiaries and also assisted in identifying key strategies such as partnerships and other value addition to increase the program impact leading a Needs assessment study in 19 Sick tea gardens for scaling up the program

Godrej Group – Brand Perceptions Analysis

Two companies within the Godrej group partnered with Idobro to undertake a brand perception analysis within the local communities they worked in. The studies were conducted in Maharashtra and Uttarakhand to measure the change in perception of the community compared to that of the administration. The exercise covered a number of parameters which were gauged based on a predefined index and the inputs were incorporated into the social programs running in these locations. The second analysis conducted after two years assisted in understand a shift in perception of the local community compared to the earlier exercise.

Mahindra Susten - Environmental Social Impact Assessment

Mahindra Renewable Private Limited partnered with Idobro for an Environmental Social Impact assessment of a section of the “Gujarat Solar Park” the world's third largest photo voltaic power generation area. The ESIA needed to be in line with the IFC standard 1 and comply with the World Bank requirements. Keeping this in mind Idobro visited the site & engaged in dialogues with the local stakeholders, including Govt. This understanding of the local dimensions aided in identifying & developing specific Community Engagement Plans to bring about a spur of development within the area thereby impacting the lives of the local community.