Our Services

Idobro under its PECO model has devised market linkages for WSG (Women, Social, Green) enterprises. Thus opening new procurement and partnership channels for them. This not only brings sustainability to their initiatives but also provides an opportunity to scale and diversify. Till date, we have supported over a million individuals, 1000+ WSG entrepreneurs, and 600+ organizations. With a view to overcome systemic barriers, provide market-based solutions and forge alliances, a human-centric approach has been adopted driven by shared values and activated at 3 levels in the eco-system: Citizenship, Entrepreneurship and Partnership

To know more about our programs for capacity building, market linkages and partnership for entrepreneurs, contact us at hema.ganachari@idobro.com

Our Services

Women entrepreneurs who are members of Idobro Impact Solutions have taken advantage of the following services to forward their business goals

Trainings and workshops

Idobro has designed a comprehensive model based on an ecosystem approach, which is consumer-centric involving multi-stakeholders and helps to access markets, builds capacities, creates linkages and deliver (drive) solutions and innovations.Idobro has extensively uses this model for business development and incubation workshops (both physical and virtual) conducted for entrepreneurs on a pan India basis.

Amazon Saheli Program

brings to the fore locally made products from women entrepreneurs in India and enables them to become successful sellers on Amazon. Idobro provides subsidized Referral Fee, Imaging and Cataloging Support, Marketing Support and increased customer Visibility. Started in mid of 2021 over 10 small women businesses have leveraged this service and increased their income


Idobro has a long standing partnership with The Cherie Blair Foundation who helps release the potential of women entrepreneurs in low and middle income countries, and close the global gender gap in entrepreneurship. Over 300 women entrepreneurs have been enrolled through IDOBRO over the years

Corporate Exhibitions and bulk orders

Member women entrepreneurs have taken advantage of exhibitions and bulk sales opportunities offered by Idobro’s corporate partners through CSR initiatives or other program initiatives

Seed funding

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