Smart Aid International

Vaccination Assistance and
Awareness in Urban Mumbai

Addressing vaccination hesitation, supporting immunization activities and promoting COVID Appropriate Behavior (CAB) by leveraging community leaders, youth and technology

August Report

Reach and Activities: Aug 2 – 31, 2021
Total number of people reached

Awareness activities, Help desk for vaccination registration, vaccination follow-ups, transportation for vulnerable
citizens to centers

  • Shivaji Nagar, M east
  • Rafinagar, M east.
  • Bainganwadi, M east
Reach via Awareness

Micing/Megaphone announcements
and Door-to-door communication on Covid Appropriate Behavior and vaccination

  • Households reached: 33,250
  • Avg number of people per households reached: 5
  • Total reach via micing: 18,625
Reach for vaccination

Registrations for vaccinations,
scheduling and follow-up on
vaccination, transportation of vulnerable population to vaccination centers

  • Number of vaccine registrations :12784
  • Number of people vaccinated: 6280
  • Vulnerable citizens assisted: 307
  • Helpdesk in 3 slums, one in
    each slum, for vaccine
  • 3 teams conduct door-to-door
    vaccine registrations and
    awareness activities
  • Megaphone announcements
    on alternate days between
    10:30 am – 3 pm
  • Follow ups on vaccine shots
    and scheduling
  • Mobilization to senior citizens
    and specially abled.
  • Vulnerable citizens (Seniors
    and physically challenged)
    transport assistance

Smart Aid Help Desks for Vaccination Assistance

Helpdesks in Dharavi slum

The vaccination assistance help desks locations in densely populated pockets of Dharavi, the largest slum in Asia.

People reached via vaccine registration and assistance between Aug 2 to 31, per week

Cumulative population reached (Aug 2 - 31)

Vaccine Door-Door Registration (Aug 2 - Aug 31, 2021)

Vaccine Door-Door Registration (Aug 2 - Aug 31, 2021)

Megaphone Activities (Aug 2 - Aug 31, 2021)