Thought Leadership

Karon Shaiva

Chief Impact Officer & Managing Director

Two philosophies guided our efforts to “Multiply impact” on “Women, Social and Green issues. One is to “Think Differently and Act together”. Innovation and diversity, powers everything we do while leveraging the momentum of alliances. Two, to take a systems view of development, with a long-term perspective of inter-linkages and the concept of the commons & cosmo-localization for scale.   Our impact, as reported is minuscule, given the magnitude of the problems our societies and planet faces. There is a critical need to revisit the development paradigm. And again, related to the above philosophies. First, we know that giving a man a fish, feeds him for a day but teaching to fish, feeds him for a lifetime. The time has now come to change this thinking, after all who are we to decide what he has to learn? It would be better for us to help him to “find” the fish! Interventions need to empower individuals and institutions to take ownership of their problems and go after solutions. When opportunities and partnerships are made available to people, impact is not just for a lifetime but a solid foundation for generations to come!   Finally, what will drive change at a transformational pace and level? Involvement of as many as possible. Hence the need for a three-pronged engagement model that gets individuals and institution to come together and co-create solutions. The RISE Values by Idobro is just such a framework. Responsible, Inclusive, Sustainable and Eco-system Friendly (RISE) are the new age values free from traditional constructs and context of culture, religion, geography and politics. They can be the bedrock for collaboration as citizens, entrepreneurs and stakeholders of this world and planet.