The power of one for collective good

At its core of the program are the RISE Values – Responsible, Inclusive, Sustainable and Eco-friendly. These are the new age values that drive positive action and collaborations. Diversity and Innovation are the cornerstones of the program that helps to internalise the “Why” before we can expect people to undertake the “How” to tackle issues.

The RISE Citizenship program helps youth and corporate employees to understand themselves better and also identify opportunities to be involved in their surroundings. As RISE Citizens who want to act and create sustained change, all four RISE values need to be nurtured.


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The RISE Citizenship program enables individuals and institutions to work towards creating simple, practical neighbourhood solutions. The program helps links the concrete problems they see around them on a daily basis, to larger issues that affect our planet.
This enables participants to take issues from a personal to a world view, by mapping to global critical issues identified by SDG’s. The program is a unique approach to discovering solutions through an evolutionary journey of self-awareness, social sensitivity, critical thinking and teamwork. We also design customized community engagement programs that result in collective impact for all.

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