Rise Infinity Foundation

RISE INFINITY FOUNDATION (RIF) was founded in 2014 with the objective to advance Peace as the ultimate indicator of development and strengthening communities through ownership and collaboration. Rise Infinity Foundation is committed to:
– Fostering a more Responsible, Inclusive, Sustainable and Eco-System Friendly world through pograms that will meet the immediate needs of those who are vulnerable and underserved.
– Providing humanitarian aid especially at times of emergency and disaster to support those challenged by poverty, medical or conflict related situations.
– Advocating for eco-system restoration at the physical, social and emotional levels for the long term to ensure that any solution the community arrives at contributes to a healthy coexistence with the environment.
Our multi-stakeholder, cross-sectoral approach driven by the four RISE values, ensures that we address community development as inter-related issues and not in mutually exclusive silos. We believe in co-creating a world that we would like to be a part of, through Positive lives and Peaceful societies!