An initiative by Glenmark Foundation, ‘Meri Poushtik Rasoi’ is a movement to fight malnutrition by collectively gathering knowledge about food that is traditional, nutritious and above all, made using local ingredients. The Contest aims to reach out to people across society who can contribute to food and nutrition that could influence food habits.

This multi-stakeholder initiative for Women and Children, is designed to meet two objectives:
1. That of collectively creating a repository of indigenous, locally relevant, nutritious recipes.
2. To sensitize on the issue of malnutrition in both urban and rural settings.

This contest is open in 4 Categories – 

  • NGOs Category – those working in the health and nutrition space
  • Professionals Category – Food/Nutrition Expert, Chefs, Bloggers, students from Food Sciences, Culinary and Nutrition
  • Open/Individual Category – Food Enthusiasts, students from Non-Food & Nutritional streams, Anyone Who can cook.
  • Anganwadi/ASHA workers – the field based workers associated with ICDS projects and Public Health System 

Level of judging:

  • Round 1 : To be conducted to shortlist entries for round 2
  • Selection committee : Shortlisting 20 entries out of the total entries received, based on the write ups received from the participants
  • Final Round : Top 5 recipes in each category will be selected for final round. The finalists from each category will record the preparation of the recipe which would be then viewed by the judges. An online meeting will be arranged for the judges with the finalist to get more information based on requirement and address queries if any. 

Total 20 finalists from 4 categories will take part in the online meeting. The judges will interact with the finalists online and take a final call based on the explanation and narration given by the finalist. The final decision will be declared by the Grand Jury Panel on the same day.

Additional Points:

  • The winners from each category will be announced by the judges
  • Prize amounts will be transferred to the accounts of the winners and certificates will be shared through mails or courier


Top 3 winners win cash prizes in each of the 4 categories (NGOs, Professionals, Open & Anganwadi/ASHA workers): Winner- Rs. 25,000, 1st Runner Up- Rs. 15,000, 2nd Runner Up- Rs. 10,000

Meri Poushtik Rasoi 2018, 2019 & 2020

‘Bache na rahe Kuposhit, jab khana bane poshtik’


With 2 successful editions and 1 edition on hold due to the pandemic, the Meri Poushtik Rasoi a nutrition based contest by Glenmark Foundation is a nationwide recipe contest held with the objective of creating a repository of indigenous food and nutrition knowledge that can help address malnutrition in India.


The contest invites participants across India to submit their traditional and nutritious recipes via an online form. Finalists are selected by a jury of culinary experts based on criteria, defined below. The selected finalists will be invited to Mumbai to participate in a live cook-off round and stand to win big cash prizes!


The objective of this pan-India contest is to crowdsource, document, and collate traditional knowledge of nutrition-rich foods from Indian home kitchens, which could be used to tackle malnutrition at local, grassroots levels, both in urban and rural areas of the country.


This multi-stakeholder initiative has two key objectives. The first is to create a repository of indigenous, locally relevant, nutritious recipes, and the second is to sensitize those in the field of nutrition about the seriousness of the issue of malnutrition in both urban and rural settings.


Meri Poushtik Rasoi was created in 2018 by Rushina Munshaw Ghildiyal, founder of A Perfect Bite Consulting, and Karon Shaiva, founder of Idobro Impact Solutions. This initiative is powered by Idobro, and Glenmark Foundation.

Participants are encouraged to submit recipes for food and drink that are part of family or community kitchens, which have been known to promote good health, or promote good health.


These could include recipes that have ingredients that are traditionally considered highly nutritious such as millets like ragichaulai, native rice varieties or unpolished grains; local seeds like sesame, alsi, or sabza; vegetables like moringa, colocasia leaves or bathua; locally used ingredients that might not be used in mainstream cooking beyond their local region such as the bhatt dal of Kumaon, sundakkai of Tamil Nadu, lesser known ingredients like the mahua and other forest foods from tribal belts that local tribes value for their nutritional properties. This content is hugely popular with 1000+ entries received from all states of India.

About Glenmark Foundation

Instituted around the theme of ‘Healthier Children, Healthier World’, Glenmark Foundation, the CSR arm of Glenmark Pharmaceuticals, is actively working towards improving child health and reducing Infant/Child Mortality. According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), new-borns face the highest risk of dying within a few days of birth. Majority of these children can be saved by access to simple and affordable intervention. Almost half the number of early infant and child mortality incidents is caused by malnutrition. A few years ago, we conducted a detailed research in the field of child health and the key findings of the research directed us to initiate Project ‘Kavach’ which is our flagship CSR program. The word ‘Kavach’ means a shield and symbolizes protection.

Through our various interventions launched along with our NGO partners, we aim at encouraging a positive health seeking behaviour among pregnant women and mothers with infants, and caregivers towards right nutrition including – good hygiene practices and ensuring complete immunization for children. We have been able to positively impact over 6, 18,617 lives through our various child health initiatives over the years.


Idobro is a social enterprise that facilitates an active and deeper model of engagement to map and implement market-based solutions through a 5-step process to Inform, Interface, Interact, Integrate, and Impact. Idobro seeks to “multiply opportunities and partnerships for women, social and green initiatives to access markets, build capacity, create linkages and deliver solutions for socio-environomic impact”.

Idobro provides research, linkages, mobilization, stakeholder relations, project implementation and evaluation based on the objectives and stage of maturity of the initiatives / enterprise.

Idobro has organized over 2000 event engagement days on social issues and has been associated with projects such as Communication Catalyst 2018, Sandvik India Diversity Awards 2017, RISE Summit 2016, Asia Paciifc Housing Forum 2015, Global Economic Summit 2014, Maha Infra Summit 2013, Evaluation Conclave 2013, IMPACT EXPO 2012, USAID MBPH – Health Confluence 2012, Innovation for India Awards 2012, SEARCC 2011 Asia Pacific Conference, World Bank – IFC India Development Marketplace 2011, Marico Innovation Foundation workshops, International Poverty Conference 2011, Intellecap – Sankalp and Srijan Forums and IRFT – Pro-Sustain Launch in India. We work with leading institutes – international and national for events, interns and volunteers.